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Monday, April 04, 2011

Flat Stanley


Åååå, jag smälter. Minns ni att jag berättade att Noah, min systerson, hade ett skolprojekt där han skulle göra en docka av sig själv och skicka till någon i en annan stad eller annat land? Idag fick jag papperdockan från Noah med ett bifogat brev från hans lärarinna.

Dear Friends and Family,

My name is Miss Czapp and I am a first grade teatcher at Pinebrook. My students are finishing up a "Flat Stanely" Project. For this project, we have mailed letters around the country, enclosing a flat version of ourselfs with a letter. We made these flat persones since we, ourselfs, can't come there on a field trip. The goal of this project is to get all of the Flat Students back along with a letter. We are going to kepp track of where we "visited". It is also fun to send back pictures of the Flat Students in and around your town. For example, if you love in NYC, you could send back a picture of Statue of Liberty. You can also send back a picture of the Flat Student in your house.

We would like every student to receive a written letter by May 15th. Thank you for helping with our project. I know the student are extremely axcited about mailing these letters out. Please return the Flat Student when you respond.

Thank you for your time, 
Annie Czapp

I kuvertet låg också ett brev från Noah himself. Jag blir nästan grinfärdig så gulligt.

3/24/11 Dear Hanna, Hi Hanna! How are you doing in Sweden? Are you good? Well I am hell I like spring I love you Hanna. My birthday is in Aprill. Do you like ice dream? Happy spring. Love Noah

Nu ska jag bara komma på lite bra motiv. Min lägenhet är ju knappast nåt att visa upp, men slottet, jobbet och min nya bil kanske? Har ni några förslag?

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